May 2024

February 2024

  • Readwise Reader

    Readwise Reader - The best read-it-later/bookmarking app I’ve found; I’m about to renew my subscription to it for a second year. If, like me, you’ve been wandering in the wilderness since the demise of Google Reader, consider giving it a try.

  • Recommended by a friend who knows the frontman through past touring, my interest was piqued by a comparison to the Silver Jews. Davis is apparently best known for his lyrical prowess, but this record demonstrates a lot of inventiveness in the musical arrangemements and forms as well. I caught them live in Atlanta recently and it’s also quite a high-energy live show.

January 2024

  • This is a great hour to catch up on the current state of things in open source LLMs. Willison is always enjoyable.

November 2023

  • Ambient pedal-steel guitar. An expansive sound that evokes American landscapes.

October 2023

  • Interesting episode that presents an alternative narrative for the 1970s inflationary episode, pinning it on regulations that cap bank deposit returns in order to prevent irresponsible insured lending at unsustainable rates (or lending at high rates and incentivizing risky behaviors to get those returns back). This disincentivizes deposits and incentivizes spending, also has some business credit effect that I didn’t understand quite as well. The guest claims that the timing of inflation effects lines up much better with these regulatory changes than it does with the Volker rate hikes.

  • Wide-ranging and thought-provoking talk from the creator of the Elm language, given at the final Strange Loop conference in 2023. I was at the conference, but didn’t see this talk in person.

June 2023

  • At ~6 hours, this two-parter is an investment, but one of the more engaging speakers I’ve heard discussing AI risk. Teh first episode focuses more on industrial fast takeoff, while the second part is more about existential risk.

  • “Sketch of a Post-ORM” by Fernando Boretti - This one is on a topic I care a lot about, but Fernando has many other great posts as well.

March 2023

  • "There's this curious background belief many have where they think most systems must operate near the efficient frontier except of course every system they’ve ever worked inside."

October 2022

June 2022

  • Carbon - handy website for making nice-looking images of code snippets

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