A Tale of Two Economies: A Collaboration with Fynn Glover

Fynn Glover and I worked together at Matcha, where he was CEO. Fynn and I have always enjoyed debating topics outside of work relating to history and economics, and recently decided to collaborate on a post for his blog. I’ve cross-posted it here, and recommend everyone subscribe to his blog for similar posts about technology, history, economics, and literature. Recently, Fynn and I both listened to an interview with Marc Andreesen.

Inputs and outputs for June 2021

Inputs This month, I started my new job at Relay Payments after a few weeks off. So far so good - I’ve been working throughout their stack, and it’s been a nice change of pace to work on React/Typescript, as well as being challenged to level up my Go skills. I have a draft underway about what I’m learning as I try to ramp up on the latter, but I’ll say that Effective Go was probably the most useful resource thus far.

What I've learned about management: Expectations, decisions, and teams

I’ve been in software management roles for the past six years or so. As I prepare to take on a role that will shift my attention away from management for a while, here are a few things I’ve learned during that time about how to be a good manager.

Inputs and outputs for May 2021

In the last few weeks, I left my position at Springbot, about six months after I joined the company as part of its acquisition of Matcha, and will be joining the engineering team at Relay Payments later this month.